Assigning Orders to Northern Warehouse

Northern Warehouse deals with much of the shipping for Damboree. This includes:

  • Turquoise Badges
  • Emerald Badges
  • Teal Badges
  • Silver Badges
  • Gold Badges & Certificates

Orders get assigned to Northern Warehouse when there is stock, and payment has been received.

Payment is through one of two routes, Stripe and BACS. Stripe payments are acknowledged automatically, and the order status is green “Processing”. If a BACS Payment is indicated the orde rgoes on a yellow “On-Hold” Status.

The “Processing” order is checked to see what’s been ordered, and if it matches the product set above, and does not contain any Gold badges then the order can be assigned to Northern Warehouse using the red three buildings button

Clicking the button will assign the order to Northern Warehouse, an email will be sent to the customer advising them their order has been sent for shipping.
An email is also sent to Northern Warehouse to advise the order is good to ship.

If any associated Gold Badges have not passed validation, then Northern Warehouse has to be informed NOT to send the associated gold until validated, otherwise the gold will get shipped.

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