Completing an Order

Once an order has been picked, packed and labelled for shipping then the order can be marked as completed. you can do this using the following steps: Log into the store back end Go to WooCommerce > Orders Select the appropriate status (Northern Warehouse) Tick the orders you wish to complete This allows bulk completion … Read more

Claiming Expenses

As an Active Support Unit we don’t expect to be subsidised by our volunteers. We know you all do it because you believe in it, however the mgmt strongly believes that all reasonable expenses should be covered. Mileage rate is the MK District mileage rate of £0.45 a mile You can claim expenses using our … Read more

Creating & Printing Picking Lists & Labels

Requirement Description Damboree Roles Northern Warehouse, District Treasurer, Countessa, Front Man, Ben WordPress Roles Shop Manager, Admin Creating a Picking List Log into Online store Back End Manager Click Woocommerce Click Orders Click The appropriate order status (Northern Warehouse) For orders that need a packing slip creating click the create packing slip buton Last button … Read more

BACS Payments

BACS Payments are checked against the Damboree Bank Account. Once payment has been received then a customer note it put against the order, and the order is then assigned to Northern Warehouse. Log onto the bank account Review incoming payments against on hold orders Add note to the order “BACS Payment Received with Thanks”, this … Read more

Validating Golds

Gold Badges are ordered through our store, and they need validating. There are a number of scenarios that come into play: Single Line Item order This is where the Gold Badge is the only line item on an order. This is the easy one to process, on the orders page the Gold Badge order will … Read more

Assigning Orders to Northern Warehouse

Northern Warehouse deals with much of the shipping for Damboree. This includes: Turquoise Badges Emerald Badges Teal Badges Silver Badges Gold Badges & Certificates Orders get assigned to Northern Warehouse when there is stock, and payment has been received. Payment is through one of two routes, Stripe and BACS. Stripe payments are acknowledged automatically, and … Read more